Autocut® : hygiene par excellence

Choose the best way to dry your hands properly.

Autocut® is a long-term sturdy and reliable produtc. MP hygiene's new mechanism meet the needs of autonomy and resistance on professional hygiene market. Autocut® new mechanism has also been improved to be softer and reduce noise. Moreover Autocut® keeps its advantage of being one of the most robust dispensing system on the market.





Reduce your costs!

Optimize overhead costs thanks to Autocut®'s mechanism which provides a 235 mm perforation. It is the smallest and most competitive market.

Cle hybride

Key 2 in 1

Autocut® is secured by an hybrid key 2-in-1 on each side. Universal, it works with EVADIS® and TIFON® full ranges of paper and soap dispensers.

Essuie-mains DESL®

Compatible with DESL® large range of hand towel roll

Paper wiping is a popular solution for users to dry their hands. Benefit from wiping paper in pure cellulose pulp labeled Origine France Garantie, ECOLABEL and FSC or PEFC

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Autocut® also ensures users satisfaction by the accuracy of an ideal product pair.

  • An high capacity, sturdy, soft and quiet dispenser.
  • A resistant, soft, safe and pure pulp wiping paper.
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Autocut® system reliability + DESL® tissue quality

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Comparison between an hand towel roll and a folded hand towel* :

- - %


- %

Global cost

+ %



User satisfaction

*Estimated consumption: distribution test performed on the use of a 250 meters paper hand towel roll compared to a 150 sheets Z-folded hand towel. Test performed in a dispenser with 235 mm perforation. The average estimated consumption by each user is 2 sheets of a hand towel roll and the same for folded hand towel. An estimated loss of 7% (dropping paper, theft and waste) is added for the distribution of folded hand towels.





Hand drying modes.

  Autocut® wiping paper Warm air dryers Jet air dryers
  zero-bacterie-essuyage papier bacterie-air-soufflé bacterie-air-pulsé
Bacteria on hands
Bacteria blown in the air
Hands dry at 90%

Autocut® range

Discover the solution for your comfort Gamme Autocut®

Full service : confidence and long-term reliability.

Long-term investment thanks to the 2-year warranty mechanism and available spare parts.

Zero break

Zero wear

Zero run-out

Washing + Wiping = Hygiene and satisfaction


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Pure pulp tissue